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We love all those tiny, ingenious things that make every day a bit better.

That’s why in 2006, we founded Label-the-cable. Since then, our extensive range of products has helped people overcome their cable chaos and enjoy more order and convenience. After all, everyone has something better to do than crawl on the floor only to find the desired cable tied in knots. And because we believe the environment needs a helping hand, all our packaging is done with absolute sustainability in mind. Homes and work environments also need protection, which is why our products contain no substances that are considered dangerous or toxic. You can smell it (or the lack if “it”). Finally, all our products are built for long service life, with the vast majority of them being able to be reused.


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Counter displays

For retailers with limited storage space, we now provide our counter displays featuring three LTC products to choose from.

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We additionally provide professional users and wholesalers with LTC products, both in large package formats and endless versions?
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